Yeastie Boys release share offer details


Yeastie BoyGround breaking New Zealand brewers – Yeastie Boys – have released details of their highly anticipated share offer.

From 6pm on Wednesday 28th January, friends and fans of Yeastie Boys’ award-winning ales will be able to buy a piece of the brewing company via an equity crowdfunding campaign on PledgeMe.

Yeastie Boys are seeking to raise up to $500,000 to achieve the targets outlaid in their three year strategic plan (this capital represents 12.5% of the company). The capital raised will be used to replicate Yeastie Boys current New Zealand business model in Britain.

Yeastie Boys are calling on investors to help them reach their target within 24 hours. “Putting together an offer like this takes a lot of time and energy” said Yeastie Boys’ Head Boy Stu McKinlay. “Our heart, soul and mind has been invested into getting the business plan right. Now we want get the job done and refocus back on the business of making great beer and getting it to the people who want it!”

The offer document, which is both comprehensive and typically irreverent, outlines how Yeastie Boys aim to grow revenue by at least 450% over their three year plan. It also sketches a high-end scenario which could see Yeastie Boys revenue grow by up to 9 times. It is acknowledged that this later scenario would require further funding.

Yeastie Boys intend to be brewing in Britain by April, with the launch of locally brewed beer coinciding with their appearance at the Wetherspoon International Craft Brewer’s Showcase. This event, similar to the same pub chain’s International Real Ale Festival that Yeastie Boys took part in during 2014, will see their beer hit the taps of more than 900 pubs across Britain and Ireland.

Yeastie LondonThe Yeastie Boys share offer also announced information on the impressive partners they have lined up for the production and distribution of their beer in Britain.

Aberdeen-based BrewDog, the fastest growing food and drinks company in Britain, has been lined up to contract brew Yeastie Boys beers.

“Not only are we extremely excited about Yeastie Boys bringing their avid crowd into their company, but that they’re brewing to success with three-time crowdfunding superstars, BrewDog.” said PledgeMe co-founder Anna Guenther.

Instil Drinks, the beer arm of the recently merged Bibendum PLB Group, will offer truly national distribution to Yeastie Boys beer. Instil Drinks are working with Yeastie Boys as a part of a New Zealand craft beer collective that also includes 8 Wired, Tuatara, Renaissance and Three Boys breweries.

“We’ve known for a while that there is demand for our beer in Britain and, as such, have been chatting with BrewDog for some time” said Yeastie Boys Directive Creator, Sam Possenniskie. “The coming together of this Kiwi craft beer collective, and the wide reach of Instil Drinks as distributors, are the two perfect pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that we wanted to get in place before reaching out to our crowd.”

Yeastie Boys founding partners and directors – Stu McKinlay and Sam Possenniskie – are hosting ‘Question & Answer’ sessions for potential investors this week. The sessions take place in Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington from Monday to Wednesday.


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About Yeastie Boys:

Yeastie Boys is an award-winning Wellington-based brewing company, without their own brewery, who brew super-premium and deliciously irreverent ales all over the world (from Suffolk, through Boston and Adelaide, to Invercargill).

The brainchild of Stu McKinlay and Sam Possenniskie – two of New Zealand’s leading beer activists and visionaries – the Yeastie Boys have been picking up trophies, poking their tongues out at convention, and receiving critical acclaim since their launch in 2008.

Yeastie Boys beers are available in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, New Caledonia, Norway, Scotland and England.

About PledgeMe:

PledgeMe ( provides a platform for Kiwis to go to their networks for funding, and have raised almost $3 million for over 700 campaigns in the past two years.  PledgeMe are the only combined equity and project crowdfunding platform in the world.


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Head Boy, Yeastie Boys

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Anna Guenther

PledgeMe Co-founder and CEO

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PledgeMe Media Wrangler

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British High Commissioner, Vicki Treadell – Thank You

British High Commissioner Homewood Brewers
Yeastie Boys, Epic and Good George

Thursday night the British High Commissioner, Vicki Treadell invited the four craft brewers that had been to the UK to brew their beer for the JD Wetherspoons International Real Ale Festival. Each brewer was invited to bring the beer they brewed in the UK. The local Wellington brewing community and media were invited and every one happily tasted the beer and whisky on offer.

Stu & Sam from Yeastie Boys were there with the actual beer they had recently brewed in the UK and it was in a cask, being served via a hand pump and was tasting great.

[Yeastie Boys brewing up for UK festival] – 2014

Kelly Ryan was there (but no longer working for Good George, but now at the Fork & Brewer) along with reps from Good George and they had their new Black IPA.

[Brewer claims rare festival slot] – 2013

Luke Nicholas (me) was also at Homewood, with Epic Pale Ale.

[Epic to be brewed in England for biggest ale festival] – 2009


Jed Soane photo of British High Commissioner and Brewers
Photo Credit: Jed Soane awesome craft brewer photographer

I’d like to thank Vicki Treadell, British High Commissioner, for organising this gathering, offering her residence and providing the incredible hospitality, it was wonderful evening. She has been a real champion for craft beer, not only here in New Zealand, but where ever she travels. It is a shame her time here in New Zealand is coming to an end, and would like to wish her well on all her endeavours in the future. I hope one day to share another pint of beer with her somewhere in the world.





Who Are These People?
The local craft beer community gathering at Homewood, residence of the British High Commissioner, Vicki Treadell









Unfortunately brewer Ian Ramsey, nor any Galbraith’s Alehouse beers were present.

Its been a while since I was in the UK brewing Epic Pale Ale for the JD Wetherspoons International Real Ale Festival but here are some videos of my adventure in the UK.

Pouring the first pint

Documenting the journey in the UK

2014-06-05 18.52.31 2014-06-05 18.52.51 2014-06-05 18.52.46 2014-06-05 18.52.55