Beer Writer of the Year 2015 – Bartlett and Corfe

jono corfeAfter my recent attention grabbing headline “Beer Writer of the Year 2015 – Martin Craig” which not only drove a large amount traffic to , but also gave me a bit of feedback to reflect on.

On reflection, I admit the headline was designed to grab attention, but also brought attention to a great blog, which most people that visited got value from.

Secondly I realise I was remiss not to have considered other blogs, the first of which jumps to mind is Bartlett and Corfe. This blog written by Messrs Ned Bartlett and Jonathan Corfe is in a slightly different style, but still very informative and topical, written with passion and intellect . It’s a great read and you should definitely consider subscribing.

I’ve decided that the reason I missed this blog (and maybe others, or even other writers who don’t publish online) was I don’t get an email update each time they post. I have been playing around with RSS feeds, and trying to work out the best way to get updates from local blogs. Obviously email has been the winner recently. I’m going to consider this some more and work out a way to get updates all in on place. (I’ll report back once I have found a practical solution)

ned bartlettIf Beer Writer of the Year is still an award, then it is going to take some serious skill and consideration to pick a winner this year.

Oh, one other point that has been raised by a number of people, is it is nice to have these people blogging about the good, and the positive that is happening in our beer community in New Zealand. It’s great to celebrate the successes of those small businesses out there trying hard, putting it all on the line, and bring joy to the New Zealand beer drinker.

Sometimes it seems some people get a bit pretentious and precious about beer. They forget that it is a beverage that can taste great, have its merits discussed while enjoying the company and conversation of friends. Beer doesn’t go out to hurt people, it wants to be your friend.

Good beer is best enjoyed with friends.

Beer Writer of the Year 2015 – Martin Craig

Martin Craig2You should check out the new blog by beer writer Martin Craig. He only kicked this off about three weeks ago, but if he keeps writing like this he definitely deserves to be the New Zealand Beer Writer of the Year 2015. His writing is informative, thoughtful and in-depth, and he is prolific. Sign up to receive emails.

It’s posts like Brewing hub plans for Upper Hutt that give you the scoop on what’s happening at a local level. Information like this you just wouldn’t know about, but thanks to Martin for writing about it.


About and Martin Craig (from his blog)
Beertown NZ is an enthusiastic, subjective, opinionated and independent celebration of New Zealand beer and brewing.

It’s managed by me, Martin Craig, a freelance business journalist and marketeer based in Wellington, New Zealand.

I wrote my first craft beer article in 1993, profiling Anchor Brewing in Porirua, NZ. Since then I’ve written for the Listener, North & South, Consumer, ProDesign, NZRetail, Fish & Game, Beer & Brewer, Pursuit of Hoppiness and others. I have also editedPursuit of Hoppiness and business magazines.

My personal beer career has involved indifferent home brewing and 20 years living within a short walk of the excellent Regional Wines in Wellington. I have judged for Consumer, SOBA, the West Coast IPA Challenge and other events.

All up, Beertown NZ is about good beer and good writing. Enjoy!

Contact me through Twitter @BeerTownNZ