Don’t Define Craft Beer – Define Industrial Beer

Sierra Nevada Pilot BreweryIt seems as though the “craft brewing” industry has wasted many hours/days/weeks debating over exactly what craft beer is.

Is it the number of litres produced? Who owns the brewery, the shareholders? The philosophies behind their brewing?

We should really be trying to define what the liquid is and the types of breweries the big multinationals are.

If you historically look at beer and breweries – you would have had brewpubs, small breweries providing the local area and some surrounding towns, and regional breweries and national breweries.

“Craft Beer” – the world normalizing after the takeovers, closures of the 20th century which rid the world of so many breweries in the name of market share for a handful on mega breweries. “Craft Beer” is beer, it is just the natural state of things.

Industrialisation has brought about positives and negatives for brewing and beer. Yes there have been some great technological advancements to make beer better, which today even benefits the smallest brewer. On the negative side though the “near beer” wort streams these industrial mega factories produce are a disgrace to the history of all brewers.

The decisions about the beer being brewed are made around how to making it cheaper, have less taste so it is the least offensive to the greatest number of people. The sad thing is it is what most people drink. It’s just “beer”, and as long as its cold they are happy(?). Much the same as – as long as the fries they get with the burger are hot at the drive through, they are happy(?).

These big mega breweries have become the same as battery farms, or cattle feedlots. Increasing yield and increasing profit does what for the consumer? It makes the beer tasteless and cheap. You get what you pay for. The only way so called premium beer is premium is the premium price people pay for it. Actually premium beer in green glass bottle is less premium because it lets the damaging light in. (Brown bottles are actually more premium than green).

All “Craft Beer” is beer.

But is “Industrial Beer” beer?

What is the definition of “industrial beer”


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