[BOURBON TASTING] – Sam Snead’s House of Whiskey

Other than beer, I do enjoy American Bourbon. Sam Snead’s House of Whiskey held a Single Barrel Bourbon tasting on Wednesday 19th Feb.

I had a privilege of being able to share with 40 of their guests some of the new Epic Carolina, Amber Ale.

It was a fun evening and I thank all those that attended for being patient with me, as I tried to learn more about Bourbon. Even if Mr Kelly was obsessed with “barometric pressure” ;-)

2014-02-19 19.11.46 Six Single Barrel Bourbons

2014-02-19 19.12.15 Single Barrel Bourbon Tasting

2014-02-19 19.12.24 Evan Williams Single Barrel 43.3%

2014-02-19 19.12.33 Willet Reserve Pot Still 47%

2014-02-19 19.12.42 Blanton’s Single Barrel 46.5%

2014-02-19 19.12.54 Jak’s Jack Daniels Single Barrel 45%

2014-02-19 19.13.07 Four Roses Single Barrel 50%

2014-02-19 19.13.15 Knob Creek Single Barrel 60%

2014-02-19 19.28.49 Mr Sam Snead himself – great teller of stories about whiskey

2014-02-19 19.06.29 Nigel Kelly before my questioning started

2014-02-19 19.06.05 Tasting Bourbon

2014-02-19 19.34.34 Very cool slide about how much bourbon is lost over time

2014-02-19 19.06.16

2014-02-19 19.02.00 The bottles we tasted (not the best pic I’ve ever taken)

2014-02-19 19.06.22 Enough with the “barometric pressure” already


A few more pictures from the evenings tasting.

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