blanc Brew Fest 2014

blanc Brew Fest 2014, Henderson Auckland

14 Craft Breweries

350 People

1pm – 7pm

25C Temperature

97% Humidity

2014-02-22 17.06.39

What a really nice festival. It turned out to be the perfect size venue, with the right number of people. People were really well-behaved, really interested in having a chat about the beer they were tasting, and generally there for a pretty nice time.

The brewers seemed to be having a good time too, with the crowd being a nice manageable size, so everyone got to have a chat with each other. Always fun when brewers catch up.

There seemed to be only about three security, who seemed pretty bored, they even tried some Culley’s Carolina Reaper hot sauce, which was much hotter than expected to their surprise.

It was kind of like having a bunch of mates over to try a few beers.

I’m going to say that maybe this is the beer festival of the future for New Zealand. The big festivals seem to be getting a lot of heat from liquor licensing and the police.

Maybe it was because of my expectations based on other beer festivals I’ve been to, that this one pleasantly surprised me.

If they do this again next year I will be first to put my hand up to attended, and first to tell everyone they should be quick to get their tickets before they sell our.

Well done and congratulations blanc.


(for some reason I can’t get all the photos to show up in the preview of this post, so I am going to just publish it. I will get better, as I become more familiar with WordPress) 

blanc brewfest bill board small

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