Hot Zombie – Hopped Hot Sauce

Luke making Hot ZombieAfter the super successful co-branded release of Epic Carolina and Culley’s Carolina Reaper hot sauce, we have come up with something new. “Hot Zombie” Hot Sauce.

Yesterday I spent the day at The FoodBowl with Chris Cullen from Culley’s. We made the first small batch of Hot Zombie. It brings two of my fascinations together – Hops and Chillies. We took my favourite flavours from Culley’s and we added hops.

This hot sauce isn’t about being the hottest, because there are plenty out there that do that. This is about delivering a good hot sauce, with awesome Habanero flavour, that has been jacked up with hops. The hops are in the aroma and in the flavour. But it isn’t until you add the hot sauce to food till you really notice how hoppy it actually is.

We are looking at releasing this hot sauce the week of the 23rd June, at the same time as the first batch of fresh 2014 Hop Zombie kegs.

[UPDATE] Free tasting 5pm-7pm Friday 20th June at Brew on Quay

[website and online sales coming soon]



EPIC MOSAIC IPA – Auckland Release

Friday evening was the official re-release of Epic Mosaic IPA at Brew on Quay. They also suggested another Hot Wings Eating Competition, which we always agree too, as people love them so much.

Below is a video of the final round. The winner Phil, seems to have no real sense of the pain from the chilli till the end of the competition. (sorry the video is a little long, but it is the end part you really get to see how hot these Carolina Reaper chillis are). (…and what is it with the little hot chilli dance people do?)

If you missed the Mosaic on Friday night, then you can catch me at Vultures Lane tomorrow night for a Mini Midweek Tap Takeover.

On Tap:

Mosaic IPA
Hop Zombie
Coffee & Fig
Armageddon IPA
Pale Ale
XPA (X as in experimental)

And of course a little chilli action

QUICKIE – Before Time Eats This Stuff (Stag Do)

Thursday 20th Feb, we did our first Stag Do at lunch time at Epic Beer HQ It was kind of one of those thing you say yes to like three months ago, and then all of a sudden the day is upon you, and you aren’t really sure what it all means. My head was thinking about the Epic Carolina release in Hamilton later in the day but I had to get stuff stored.

Epic HQ Stag Do So a keen group of homebrewers / craft beer lovers from Melbourne

Very Lucky They got very luck with the beers they got to taste

Once I had assessed how made keen they were not only on craft beer, but Epic Beer, I decide I would pull out the rare beers.

The arrangement was pretty cool. We put on the beers and they brought the meat. So while I was doing the beer tasting , Sten was madly cooking on the BBQ for 15 people.

stag do 2 Yup we got them to try some Carolina Reaper chillies

For some reason it is quite funny watching people eat extremely hot chillies, and experiencing an amazing amount of pain.



Friday 21st Feb, headed to the Auckland Art Gallery for the opening of a new exhibition – Five Maori Painters

We were the beer for the opening event, and it is always cool to be first to get to see a new exhibition.

2014-02-21 18.48.28

5MP Invite


Auckland Art Gallery - Five Maori Painters - Exhibition Opening
Auckland Art Gallery – Five Maori Painters – Exhibition Opening

2014-02-21 19.26.08

Think I am caught up from last week now…