Question: How much ethanol can you get from yeast slurry?

brewtroleumYou may have seen DB in the news recently “saving the world” with Brewtroleum

Can someone explain to me, as I’d love to know, how you get 30,000 litres of ethanol from 58,000 litres of yeast slurry?

The way I understand it, there would be beer left in this slurry, lets be generous and say 50% is beer. Lets assume it is high gravity beer, pre dilution, so maybe 8% abv.

50% of 58,000 litres x 8%abv = 2,320 litres of 100% ethanol.
100% of 58,000 litres x 8%abv = 4,640 litres ethanol.

How do you get 30,000 litres of ethanol?

Maybe I’m wrong, and have misinterpreted the information they have presented, or totally misunderstand the process. I’d love to think this isn’t another marketing stunt.

If they can extract this much ethanol, how cost effective is it? and will this be an ongoing process to save the world?

The media haven’t presented more than the original press release, with a celebrity (haha, Green MP), and line of cars waiting to get this gas. Were all the cars driven by DB employees?