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I have been reading the book “Bourbon, Straight” by Charles K. Cowdery and came across the below speech from 1952 by Judge Noah S. “Soggy” Sweat, Jr. of Mississippi

It is a powerful, and thoughtful speech and even though it was related to whiskey and Prohibition at the time, it is still relevant today in relation to alcohol in general.



The “whiskey speech” concerned the question of the prohibition of alcoholic liquor, a law that was still in force in Mississippi at the time the speech was delivered.

My friends, I had not intended to discuss this controversial subject at this particular time. However, I want you to know that I do not shun controversy. On the contrary, I will take a stand on any issue at any time, regardless of how fraught with controversy it might be. You have asked me how I feel about whiskey. All right, here is how I feel about whiskey:


If when you say whiskey you mean the devil’s brew, the poison scourge, the bloody monster, that defiles innocence, dethrones reason, destroys the home, creates misery and poverty, yea, literally takes the bread from the mouths of little children; if you mean the evil drink that topples the Christian man and woman from the pinnacle of righteous, gracious living into the bottomless pit of degradation, and despair, and shame and helplessness, and hopelessness, then certainly I am against it.


But, if when you say whiskey you mean the oil of conversation, the philosophic wine, the ale that is consumed when good fellows get together, that puts a song in their hearts and laughter on their lips, and the warm glow of contentment in their eyes; if you mean Christmas cheer; if you mean the stimulating drink that puts the spring in the old gentleman’s step on a frosty, crispy morning; if you mean the drink which enables a man to magnify his joy, and his happiness, and to forget, if only for a little while, life’s great tragedies, and heartaches, and sorrows; if you mean that drink, the sale of which pours into our treasuries untold millions of dollars, which are used to provide tender care for our little crippled children, our blind, our deaf, our dumb, our pitiful aged and infirm; to build highways and hospitals and schools, then certainly I am for it.


This is my stand. I will not retreat from it. I will not compromise.

You can listen to the speech here:
The 1952 speech by Mississippi state Rep. (and Judge) Noah S. “Soggy” Sweat, Jr., reprised by Mississippi state Rep. Ed Perry on 100th anniversary of opening of the Mississippi state Capitol, as broadcast on public radio. (Duration: 3 minutes 27 seconds)


[CHANGES] New blogs coming soon

This has been a pretty massive week, including I have changed blogging platform from Blogger to WordPress.

Since “Tasting Tuesday”….


Wednesday 19th February – Sam Snead’s House of Whiskey – Single Barrel Bourbon Tasting (special appearance by Epic Carolina)

Sam Snead's House of Whiskey - Bourbon Tasting
Sam Snead’s House of Whiskey – Bourbon Tasting


 Thursday – 20th February – Our first stag do tasting at Epic Beer HQ

Stag Do Tasting - Epic Beer HQ


Thursday – 20th February – Epic Carolina Hamilton Release – House on Hood (including hot wing eating competition)

Epic Carolina Hamilton Release


Friday – 21st February – Auckland Art Gallery – Five Maori Painters Exhibit Opening (beer supplier for the event)

Auckland Art Gallery - Five Maori Painters - Exhibition Opening
Auckland Art Gallery – Five Maori Painters – Exhibition Opening


Saturday – 22nd February – blanc Brew Fest (most popular beers for us, Epic Carolina and Coffee & Fig Stout)

350 people, drinking craft beer at blanc in Henderson - Brew Fest 2014
350 people, drinking craft beer at blanc in Henderson – Brew Fest 2014


I’ve found it hard to find the time to write blog post over the last few days. The spare time I could have spent blogging has been spent on moving the domain, setting up WordPress, and importing the old blog posts. There is still a bit of fine tuning to do on setup (and learning about WordPress), but I expect to be back into it in the coming week.

[BOURBON TASTING] – Sam Snead’s House of Whiskey

Other than beer, I do enjoy American Bourbon. Sam Snead’s House of Whiskey held a Single Barrel Bourbon tasting on Wednesday 19th Feb.

I had a privilege of being able to share with 40 of their guests some of the new Epic Carolina, Amber Ale.

It was a fun evening and I thank all those that attended for being patient with me, as I tried to learn more about Bourbon. Even if Mr Kelly was obsessed with “barometric pressure” 😉

2014-02-19 19.11.46 Six Single Barrel Bourbons

2014-02-19 19.12.15 Single Barrel Bourbon Tasting

2014-02-19 19.12.24 Evan Williams Single Barrel 43.3%

2014-02-19 19.12.33 Willet Reserve Pot Still 47%

2014-02-19 19.12.42 Blanton’s Single Barrel 46.5%

2014-02-19 19.12.54 Jak’s Jack Daniels Single Barrel 45%

2014-02-19 19.13.07 Four Roses Single Barrel 50%

2014-02-19 19.13.15 Knob Creek Single Barrel 60%

2014-02-19 19.28.49 Mr Sam Snead himself – great teller of stories about whiskey

2014-02-19 19.06.29 Nigel Kelly before my questioning started

2014-02-19 19.06.05 Tasting Bourbon

2014-02-19 19.34.34 Very cool slide about how much bourbon is lost over time

2014-02-19 19.06.16

2014-02-19 19.02.00 The bottles we tasted (not the best pic I’ve ever taken)

2014-02-19 19.06.22 Enough with the “barometric pressure” already


A few more pictures from the evenings tasting.

Cool Link:

Barreling Ahead: Whiskey-Makers Break Cherished Traditions to Create New Flavors