Salient Points

Here are the links to my two latest columns from Salient Magazine:

Discovering good beer – a look back on my beer drinking development:

My beer drinking career got off to a rough start with my first recollection being a slightly warm six-pack of Rheineck. This unpleasant experience certainly put my beer appreciation back several years.

Teenagers called Rheineck ‘weasel piss’, which was unfair. If my pet weasel passed Rheineck, I’d rush him to the vet


Beer the South should be proud of – An article about Emerson’s:

Brewers are, on the whole, extraordinary people. From just toasted grain, the flower of a vine, ordinary water and a single-celled organism, they can produce delicious, sweet, life-giving beer.

Given those ingredients, most people would produce soggy muesli which smells of wet grass, and tastes vaguely like bathroom mould. Or worse – Mash beer.

Beerly Writing

In the latest edition of the Free Radical the beer column covers “The Mussel Inn – A whale of a time.”

“It is quite frankly in the middle of nowhere and I have only spent one afternoon there, yet the Mussel Inn in Golden Bay remains a highlight of my beer drinking career.”

“The Weasels beer – any of their standard beers mixed with 50% soda water – had me in stitches. That kind of subtle mockery is exactly what shandy drinkers deserve really.”

Last weeks Wellingtonian had a column on “The new house of hops and malt” – the Malthouse.

“Many otherwise stoic Wellington beer lovers shed a little tear at the end of 2006 when the beloved Malthouse on Willis Street closed its doors. Their building was being redeveloped into yet another stack of shops, offices and apartments and the bar which served the largest range of beer in New Zealand was forced to seek a new home.”

Both are reposted with the kind permission of the editors.