Beer Haiku Friday and Diddly Dee (Potatoes) – The Saint Patricks Day Post

Today’s Beer Haiku is for those who perhaps “over-drowned the shamrocks” on Saint Patrick’s Day. It is called “Ouch“:

Can someone please stop
All the frickin’ leprechauns
Dancing in my skull

Unsurprisingly, Paddy’s Day is also the theme over at the Malthouse blog where I examine invented Irish connections, why nobody pretends to be Australian, share Pete Brown’s take on our love affair with the Emerald Isle and finish with a quick look at Murphy’s Stout. The title “Diddly Dee (Potatoes)” is explained in the article:

It is perhaps ironic that the English celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day more than they do Saint George’s Day. Certainly, here in New Zealand, Paddy’s Day parties tend to be better attended and more fun than the corresponding Waitangi Day shindigs. People will happily invent a mythical great-aunt from County Cork for March 17 but no-one seem to make up a great-uncle from Wagga Wagga as an excuse to celebrate Australia Day.

Glass Tips – Those excellent imbibers at Beer Haiku Daily and the most excellent peeps at Malthouse

Test Your St. Patrick’s Day IQ!

For hundreds of years, the Irish have been stereotyped as beer-swilling, potato-eating louts, but in a 2005 survey by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development, Ireland’s obesity rate clocked in at 13 percent, less than half the rate of the reigning obesity champs, the U.S. of A., still holding strong at 30 percent. (And that survey excluded leprechauns, who always bring the averages down.) So maybe there is something to the Irish diet and lifestyle that we could learn from. There are a number of things the Irish are doing better than the Americans to keep off the pounds. Here are a few.

7 Tips to Slim Down the Irish Way

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Test Your St. Patrick’s Day IQ!