Beer history and the future of beer

From the Wellingtonian, the debate over the country’s oldest pub rages on and a retracing of a historic pub crawl reveals how much Wellington has changed. The full column is titled”Historic Thistle Inn claimes challenged“:

It was never likely that a single column would determine once and for all whether the Thistle Inn or the Upper Moutere Inn was the country’s oldest pub. In fact, last month’s column seems to have stirred up even more debate with a number of other contenders also claiming that honour.

Over at the Malthouse blog, the latest post discusses the relative merits of Oktoberfest and the new Octoberbest festivals. The post is called “Move over Oktoberfest, here comes Octoberbest“:

If proof was ever needed that Oktoberfest is actually a pretty classy event, look no further than the organiser’s decision in 2007 to ban serial oxygen-thief Paris Hilton. The official reason was that Paris “cheapened” the festival in 2006 with her attendance but the real reason was perhaps that she had used her time at the festival to run an advertising campaign for canned wine.

Glass Tips – The Wellingtonian and Malthouse Blog

Richard Emerson and Paris Hilton

Last week’s column in the Wellingtonian newspaper continued the southern theme by covering Emerson’s Brewery – “a craft brewery with big brewery production.” Reprinted as always with kind permission.

Home made beer from first time brewers rubbed shoulders with classic Trappist ales at the latest beer tasting at M-co. It was a two-part tasting – a standard commercial beer tasting and the grand finals of the M-co personal beverage production competition.

The final Salient column of term one was an exposition on Beer Wisdom.

And finally, a random question: Paris Hilton was the face of Bondi Blonde Low Carb beer. Will her going to jail (twice) push sales up or down?

Visit the website to vote on whether Paris should serve her sentence in Australia because (in their words) it is the world’s largest penal colony and confirm that the beer’s motto is “nothing goes down like a bondi blonde…”

I can’t make this stuff up.