Beer Haiku Friday – Times are Tough

It is a remarkable fact that Beer Haiku Daily is a more interesting and informed commentator on topical issues than Oliver Driver on the doomed Sunrise show. Today, Captain Hops suggests a simple way through the global financial crisis in his Haiku “Times are Tough“:

I think I’ll give an
Economic stimulus
To my local pub

Speaking of local pubs deserving of economic stimulus, the Malthouse finally has a website and it certainly is a good one. I will also be contributing a regular blog on the site and the first entry is already up.

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The Tuesday Two-Pack

The latest column from The Wellingtonian looks at “Great beer and fine dining”:

Award-winning chef Martin Bosley is the first to admit that he was totally surprised at the recent Beervana event. “Discovering beer and food matching was a real epiphany for me. It opened up new possibilities – a whole layer of taste and demand we had completely ignored for a long time. I was very sceptical at the beginning but the experience was a true eye-opener,” he explains.

A full report of last weeks beer tasting at the Fire Service:

Last week I ran a beer tasting session for 25 enthusiastic staff at the Fire Service social club. The theme was a little bit Oktoberfest so we had some German beers, some New Zealand beers made in German styles and some New Zealand beers made in non-German styles. The atmosphere was completed by plates of sausages, a little Bavarian beer music and a man splendidly bedecked in lederhosen.

Amber fluid in green bottles

Beer writer Neil Miller agrees.

“It is a simple but very effective marketing ploy. For thousands of years, beer was pure. It’s only since the Second World War industrial brewers began using additives, preservatives and other short-cuts. My major problem with the `pure’ campaigns is the implication the beers are new, and the only pure beers on the market. That’s simply not the case.”

The smaller brewers don’t think to say they are pure or preservative-free because that is just how beer should always have been made, he says.

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Neil Miller Beer Tour Review

We’ve been drinking our way through the vineyards of New Zealand for the last week or so, and while it’s been absolutely fabulous, we got a nice change of pace – in the form of BEER. Neil Miller, a beer expert with an ironic last name, took us on a beer tasting tour in Wellington and I have to say that I learned a thing or two about pairing beer with food.

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