Beer Haiku Friday and Making Love in a Canoe

Today’s haiku combines three of my favourite topics (beer, poetry and Homer Simpson) into just 17 glorious syllables. It is called “Homer Haiku“:

Cause and solution
Of life’s infinite problems
Poured in a pint glass

The latest Malthouse blog also covers more of my favourite subjects – American pale ale, US foreign policy, Sierra Nevada – and some of my less favourite topics – Bud Light, Urkel and Oprah – in just one post “American beer is like making love in a canoe“:

American beers have an appalling reputation internationally based on the fact that 80% of them are, in fact, nonsense on stilts. This was certainly the reputation that Monty Python was lampooning in the line which now serves as the title of this blog post. However, that same accusation of mainstream mediocrity can be levelled at a number of countries around the world. Often a nation’s most popular or most famous beer is hardly their best offering. Both those generalisations apply fully to New Zealand.

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