Mac’s Brewjolais – Back for its third year

Following another triumphant appearance at Mac’s Brewbars last year, the seasonal madness that is Brewjolais makes its third appearance in 2008. Our Mac’s Brewers have been busy picking the first Riwaka hops of the season and adding them green and fresh to a pale ale to produce a very hoppy, bitter beer – Mac’s Brewjolais.

Mac’s Brewjolais celebrates and honours the annual hop harvest and 2008 promises to be a vintage year for fresh hops and fresh thinking.

“This year’s vintage is a little different, as is becoming tradition with Brewjolais. We have kept the malt grist simple, as this beer is all about the hops,” says Mac’s Marketing Manager Kerry Wheeler.

“We’ve used Riwaka hops, from Colin Oldham’s farm in the Rakau Valley and added 12 pokes of fresh, un-kilned Riwaka hops, which have added a huge passionfruit character to the beer.”

Mac’s Brewjolais is fermented with an American ale yeast to develop this fruit character further, resulting in a satisfying ale that is full in flavour and bitterness.

Ensure you make the most of the limited release Mac’s Brewjolais, because when it runs out, 12 months will seem like an awfully long time to wait for the next batch.

Mac’s Brewjolais has an ABV of 5.5% and is available fresh on tap from the following selected outlets:

The Northern Steamship Brewbar – Auckland
Nuffield Street Brewbar – Auckland
Brewery Bar and Restaurant – Wellington
Aikmans – Christchurch
Smugglers Pub and Café – Nelson
The Honest Lawyer – Nelson
Victorian Rose – Nelson
Prince Albert Hotel – Nelson
Pohara Sands – Takaka

Beerly Writing – More Salient Goodness

The Salient beer column takes a look at wheat beers and cricket:

Beer can have a wonderful effect on conversation. Once, it even made Graham Gooch funny. One of England’s best cricketers, Gooch was famous for his solid batting, droopy moustache and a face which resembled a forlorn Basset Hound receiving an unexpected cavity search.

Next was the 2008 version of the now classic university drinking game:

Recently, I invented a drinking game called “Eggplant.” The rules were ridiculously simple – people threw slices of barbequed eggplant up the neighboring hill. The winner of each round did not have to drink – everyone else did. People utilized a wide variety of throwing styles to try to gain an advantage. My personal trademark technique of hurling the vegetable directly into the wall of the house some two meters away was hilarious but ineffective. I consoled myself with the fact that my game, while it may have appeared silly to some, probably saved lives. A person might have eaten the eggplant if it had been left lying around.

Finally, some Saint Patrick’s Day reflections on stout, porter and pubs:

Skeptics argue that beer should not be so thick you have to eat it with a spoon nor so dark that it threatens to implode and pull your eyeballs out. These people always seem to sit next to me.

Mac’s Top Notch

This week sees the launch of a new limited release beer from the Mac’s range of great beers: Mac’s Top Notch, a mid-strength bitter style beer with great character and fantastic drinkability.

Inspired by English style bitters, Mac’s Top Notch is premium in flavour with a great malt and hop balance. The inclusion of large amounts of vienna, and crystal wheat malts ensure this beer has plenty of malt depth, aroma and flavour, as well as creating a pleasant amber/brown hue. The hop aroma comes from the use of Riwaka hops only, typically producing a big passion fruit hit, the malt sugars in Top Notch have been fermented with an American ale yeast, producing a whole other dimension of fruit characters.

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Breweries fight over Summer beer

However, the judge said DB had tried, and failed, to get a trademark for Monteiths Summer Ale and he refused to ban the Sundance Summer brew because:

“DB has no right to exclusive protection of a generic phrase unless there is proof of deception.”

The $60 million craft beer market is the new battleground for breweries and DB says Lion Nathan is trying to play catch up.

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