Beer Haiku Friday and More about Mayhem

This week’s Haiku is designed to encourage people to enter a Beer Haiku contest but it is actually a great little poem in its own right. It is called “Flying Dog Haiku Contest“:

Why do beer lovers
Gravitate to short poems?
There’s more time for beer.

Glass Tip – The always reliable chaps at Beer Haiku Daily

Blogging has resumed in earnest over at the Malthouse site with the latest offering called “On my command, unleash Mayhem“:

It is more balanced than last years’ offering when Luke declared that Mayhem would “wilfully maim and cripple the palates of the most extreme hop head” but, make no mistake, this is still a tremendously hoppy drop.

Glass Tip – Malthouse proprietor Colin the Handsome (self-proclaimed) and Softly-Spoken (media labelled) Scotsman

IMPortant Management and Marketing Tips

Realbeer’s very own Luke Nicholas has been profiled on the Management Focus website. In his case study, Luke explains how Epic has lifted its national brand profile despite having virtually no promotional budget. I’ve had to post this because Luke is far too modest to do it himself.

This approach, Luke concedes, is not easy and it takes time to build up. However, he does believe it is a way to build a brand with no cash. “I try hard to keep everything connected together but there are a number of different communication channels which people use in different ways. That is the way it is going to be in the future. My role is to ensure I keep coming back to the common interest – my beer. I guess I’m lucky as a closet computer geek that I have been able to bring my twin interests or obsessions of gadgets and beer together!” he laughs.

Glass Tip – Management Focus

Countdown to IPA Challenge – 17th July

This Thursday (17th July) night at the Malthouse sees the unveiling of two big beers created as part of a joint project referred to as “The West Coast IPA Challenge“.

The idea for creating two similar beers came after a recent trip to California by Luke Nicholas (EPIC) and Stephen Plowman (Hallertau). Having spent 10 days trying mostly American and Imperial IPA’s, it was more the need to get another fix of massive hops than anything that got these two brewers to brew such big beers. (both definitely not commercially viable in this country)

Hallertau brewed using New Zealand malt and hops, and Epic brewed using English malt and US hops. Both target 7% alc/vol, a similar colour, and massive levels of dry hopping. Be warned these aren’t your usual beers. (Photo essay of the story behind these beers)

Both Luke & Steve will be present for the launch on Thursday at the Malthouse and will also be around on Friday for Interntaional Brewers Day, in the company of Carl Vasta (Tuatara), and possibly a couple of other guest brewers.

NZ brewer going it alone

One of New Zealand’s top beer brewers is going it alone. Multi-award winner Luke Nicholas has bought the Epic Brewing Company and with it the Epic brand, from his now former employer the Steam Brewing Company.

Nicholas is planning to take Epic worldwide, after it won best in class at last year’s BrewNZ International Beer Awards. It also claimed a silver medal this year, behind another of his beers, Monk’s Habit, a Steam Brewing Company product. Epic Mayhem was awarded bronze.

Nicholas says he will be taking Epic to the world in measured steps. The first is the launch of Epic Lager in February next year.

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