Beer Haiku Friday and What’s in a Name – Sprig and Fern

Today’s Beer Haiku sums up the joy of fishing. It is called “Gone Fishin’“:

the fish ain’t biting
but that’s not really the point
as long as there’s beer

The latest Malthouse blog has a look at the history of pub signs, the development of pub names, some great names and some terrible names, the Sprig and Fern, Pale Ale and Cider. The title is “What’s in a Name – Sprig and Fern“:

Clearly, it is very common for a pub name to be called “The [something] and [something else].” Those two words might be related (The Bull and Bear), random (The Parrot and Jigger) or complete opposites (The Jolly Taxpayer). Today’s featured brewery has used this age old technique.

Glass Tip – Beer Haiku Daily and Malthouse Blog

Beer Haiku Friday and the pub with no (Loaded Hog) beer

From the dusty archives of Beer Haiku Daily, a poem from – and I am not making this up – Creepy McGritts called – and I am not making this up either – “Contribution Friday“:

The kettle boils
Hops aroma fills the air
New life has begun

From The Wellingtonian, my latest column gives a much maligned bar another look in “The pub with no (Loaded Hog) beer“:

It’s a fantastic-looking venue but ultimately disappointing. I left feeling like Jeremy Clarkson if he had been admiring a beautiful new Jaguar only to find the V8 engine had been replaced with the motor from a Tickle Me Elmo.

Glass Tips – Beer Haiku Daily and The Wellingtonian