Beer Humour – 10 Beers to drink during a Zombie attack

Today my brother sent me a hilarious article. I only wish I had thought to write it first. It could only be cooler if it was about beer, pirates and Chuck Norris. It is by Dick Logan and is called “Top 10 Beers To Drink During A Zombie Attack.”

Let’s face it, zombie attacks are not very fun. They are even worse if the undead come knocking at your door and you find yourself stuck with a lousy beer. In order to prevent this unfortunate occurrence from happening, we’ve come up with a list of the top ten beers to drink during a zombie attack. So delicious, they’re to un-die for.

Glass Tip – My brother

Beer 102

It’s a bit of a grab bag of goodness today with two new columns, a piece of on-line vandalism and a “joke”.

First up is my column from Salient on legendary drinkers:

“Yet another worthless series of Dancing with the Stars has started and sadly hundreds of thousands of mindless drones will be glued to the screen to see who is crowned New Zealand’s least worst amateur dancer.

As part of my personal struggle against the continual dilution of what passes for popular culture, this column is about some people we should actually admire – the legendary beer drinkers of the world!”

Already popular, this weeks column laments the Worst Beers of the Year:

“For the first time ever, my unofficial tasting panel complained bitterly about getting free beer.

These beers are probably best drunk cold, but no fridge I know gets it cold enough.”

Speights are busy promoting their competition to travel on a ship to England with their new pub but I was alerted to their listing on Wikipedia which (for about 40 minutes) read:

‘Speight’s’ is a brewery in Dunedin, New Zealand. It is famous for tasting like sheep urine fermented in a car radiator and its promotional branding based on being ‘a real southern man’ and being ‘the pride of the south’.

The vandalism was quickly fixed but whoever did so neglected to also correct the description of Speight’s Old Dark as “an English Porter”…

Speaking of jokes, this one is doing the rounds:

Nelson rings his boss first thing monday morning.

Nelson ‘Boss I can’t come to work today’

Boss ‘ Why not? ‘

Nelson ‘ I’ve got the bird Flu’

Boss ‘ How in the hell did you get the bird flu?’

Nelson ‘ Too many Tuis!’