A Trip to the Malthouse Vaults and Beer Haiku Friday Faces the Facts

Today’s beer haiku is direct and to the point. It is called “As a Matter of Fact“:

“I like beer” he said
As if an explanation
Was necessary

Over at the Malthouse website, “From the Beer Vaults” looks at the six o’clock swill, old drinking regulations, Palmerston North’s historic spelling problems and Fuller’s Vintage Ale:

The Palmerston North delegates had typed a late remit calling for a full enquiry into women in bars, but unfortunately in their haste they had made a small typing error. Delegates were circulated with a typewritten remit calling for a ‘full enquiry and review of women in bras’ much to the mirth of the predominantly male audience.” Clearly 1954 Palmerston North was not the “Knowledge City” we all admire and love today.

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