Canadian Brewer Targets Foster’s for Takeover

Canadian brewer Molson Coors has outed itself as the mystery buyer behind a September 25 Deutsche Bank transaction that snapped up 5.3 per cent of the Foster’s Group.

Speculation over the identity of the mystery buyer has been rife in recent months, with brewing giants Heineken and SABMiller fingered as being behind a potentially hostile takeover bid for Foster’s.

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Sale St – the Fosters Beer connection???

Ironic or intentional? DB’s new joint venture mega bar which includes a mini brewery has a website that has two beautiful women on the front page. Funny thing is that these two women are Fosters International NZ’s beer brand managers. WTF? Is it a case of they got snapped while checking out the competition? and then posted on the website? Or a photographer/web developer with a wicked sense of humor

Check for yourself

Sale St Brewery, Freemans Bay

Big Man, Luke Dallow. Big ideas. Big … without being unnecessarily anatomical, let’s say you’d have to be a brave man to open the inner-city’s largest meeting and eating and drinking and chatting and gigging venture when the economy is making a mad dash for the nearest long-drop.

Everything is big about Sale St: 52 beer taps serving 13 different types of beer, 60 by-the-glass wines, a micro-brewery and coffee roaster. In a partnership with DB, the company’s master brewer offers three beers apparently made on site but in limited quantities: sadly they were out of the signature Ponsonby Gold lager when Jude and I turned up. Settled for Celebration, a slightly sour pale ale, with my seared kangaroo and Asian-influenced salad entrée. It worked.

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Foster’s suffers massive fall in profit

BREWING and wine major Foster’s has posted a massive 88 per cent fall in annual profit, with the company taking a $603 million hit to the value of its global wine business while offering investors little assurance that things will improve this year.

Net profit for the 12 months ended June 30 was $111.7 million after tax — down from $966.2 million a year earlier.

However, higher production costs could hurt margins in the wine business, while increases in malt, hops and fuel prices would add up to 6 per cent to the cost of production for the beer, cider and spirits division.

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Beer fit for a Queen

Australia has sent one of its strongest signals yet that it intends to become a republic by sending the Queen a bottle of Fosters.

Marking the 55th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, Foster’s has sent her a gift-wrapped bottle of Crown Ambassador Reserve lager, the first from a limited release of 5000 champagne-style bottles to be sold at $60 each.

Glass Tip – South East Asian Correspondent Belinda

Good news, bad news, interesting news

First, the good news. The results of the Winter Beer tasting at Cellar Vate are now up here:

Also good news (in an evil kind of way) is the news that “Scottish & Newcastle (S&N) – brewer of beers including Foster’s, John Smith’s, Kronenbourg and San Miguel – has warned that its profits for the first half of its current financial year will be lower than last year’s.”

In bad news, “brewing giant Miller has entered into an agreement with Australia’s Foster’s Group to brew the Foster’s Lager brand in the United States. Miller said it will make the beer according to the brand’s original recipe, including a proprietary yeast strain.”

You just know that arrangement can not end up producing a good beer…

And in news that may be of interest to those in the hospitality industry, Stuff is reporing:

A survey by research group Opinion Research Corp. found 25 per cent of respondents cited bad service as having the most negative impact on both their dining experience and on a restaurant’s reputation.

Following rude waiting staffs were hosts and maitre d’s who underestimated the waiting time for a table, with 20 per cent of respondents listing this as their biggest complaint with a restaurant, while 15 per cent cited slow service.

Issues related to the food, however, were considered much less bothersome, with only 12 per cent of respondents listing ill-prepared meals and 10 per cent identifying cold food as their greatest dining out dissatisfaction.

Foster’s to aid in first “beer battery” fuel cell project

Oddly enough, “scientists and Australian beer maker Foster’s are teaming up to generate clean energy from brewery waste water by using sugar-consuming bacteria,” and better yet, the University of Queensland will host a microbial fuel cell at a Foster’s Group brewery near Brisbane. Essentially, the cell will consume brewery wastes such as sugar, starch, and alcohol, while producing clean electricity by harnessing the energy released from the organic materials coming in. The device is expected to produce two-kilowatts of power, and while hopes are to bring the technology to other breweries and wineries around the country, this iteration should crank up sometime in September.

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