September Salient Points

This Salient magazine column casts an Eye Over the Monteith’s Beer and Wild Food Challenge results:

Over at the Southern Cross, their wild boar loin was guarded by a “jelly which will stare you down.” Like a scene from Lord of the Rings, the plate was crowned by a single all-knowing sheep’s eye encased in Pilsner jelly. Suspending the eyeball exactly in the middle of the Pilsner cube is apparently no mean culinary feat. There may well be a thesis in there for a science student with a particular interest in jelly.

Next, an in-depth look at Beer and Politics in the most intelligent electorate in the country:

Politics and beer go together like VUWSA and financial mismanagement. With the general election approaching, it seemed timely to put the genuinely tough questions to the candidates standing for Wellington Central. This column is not distracted by peripheral issues like tax cuts, mysterious trusts or secret agendas. No, the key issue is what beer the candidates like and where they like to drink it.

Lastly, a glimpse of the Beers of Asia:

An unkind critic once claimed that saying that your country’s beers were better than Japanese beer was like saying your country’s food was better than English food. That is a tad unfair. The Japanese do make very drinkable pale lagers and many of them reach our shores (albeit with hefty price tags).

This is BNN – Beer News Network, 8 July 2008

Invercargill Brewery has announced the return of their Smoked Bock specialty beer Smokin’ Bishop:

Back by popular demand the Smoked Bock that won gold at last year’s BrewNZ Awards. Last year we brewed 600 litres as a trial beer which won rave reviews from Beer Geeks – this year we’re brewing 2400 litres of which 1200 litres has already been sold.

Export Gold has undergone a major revamp with a new look and a new website coming soon:

Export Gold has a great new look and an excellent communications campaign that’s set to keep the lads on the move. The beer in the bottle is the same great Export Gold but the brand is going through a big revamp – new logo, new look, new labels and new communications. Export Gold’s Jonathan Goldwater says that the key to ensuring that the brand is relevant is to spend time focusing on really understanding its consumer.