Oysters and IPA – Tuatara out of hibenation

One of my favourite beer bloggers to read is Kate Blackhurst who has relocated to the deep south. She cordially admits the Arrow Brewing Company was one of the reasons they selected Arrowtown as their new home. This meant she had a first-hand look (and taste) of ABC’s IPA Project 2010 and the accompanying oysters. Her post is called “Oysters and IPA“:

It’s not quite a passage to India, but the Foveaux Strait has challenges of its own and the barrel was hoisted onto an oyster boat to endure a mini sea journey, accompanied by brewers Darryl and John keeping a close eye on their precious cargo. They also kept out of the way of the oyster catchers (Marina Fish and Oysters of Invercargill) who were working hard to provide everyone with a little (shell)fishy when the boat comes in.

The Tuatara Breweries blog is showing signs of life with a new post up and the promise of weekly updates. The post is called “A new beginning for the ‘Its all About the Beer’ Blog“:

This past week there was some big news at the brewery.

Beerly Tasting – IRD and MAF (The Acronym Sessions)

It has been a busy month of beer tastings. Here are the latest two reports including the results of the public vote for best beer. First up is the IRD’s ‘Movemberfest’ tasting:

Every time I begin to think that there is a finite number of themes for beer tasting events, someone comes up with a new one. In this case, the IRD Social Club wanted a “Movemberfest” tasting. It was to have a Belgian, French and German-inspired vibe though it would mainly showcase New Zealand beers. The decorations showed David Hasselhoff – for some reason. Thankfully there were no mo’s in evidence.

I also ran a fun little session for the folks at MAF:

Last week I had the welcome opportunity to return to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to run another tasting. Over 20 people crowded into the meeting room to sample a selection of some of the best craft beers in New Zealand. Because Wellington is such a small place, one of the tasters was my old boss from the Treasury days.

Beer Haiku Friday and Tasting at the Backbencher

Beer Haiku Friday exposes the best way to watch the fireworks with a poem called, unsurprisingly, “Fireworks“:

at my secret spot
with a wagon full of beer
watching fireworks

The October Backbencher beer tasting had the theme “Best of Brew NZ“:

The October Backbencher beer tasting had a “Best of Brew NZ” theme. A number of senior MPs were spotted in the immediate vicinity though they were probably present for the filming of “Backbenchers” (TVNZ 7) rather than the beer. There were over 370 entries in this year’s Brew NZ Beer Awards and only 23% of them received medals. This month’s selection showcased a range of medal winning beers accompanied by some fine food matches from the kitchen.

Glass Tips – Beer Haiku Daily and Backbencher

Armageddon Another Trophy for Epic Brewing Company

At the BrewNZ New Zealand Beer Awards last night at the Duxton Hotel in Wellington, New Zealand, the newly release Epic Armageddon IPA won a Gold Medal and Best in Class trophy.

Epic Brewing Company is no stranger to winning the top awards with Epic Pale Ale having won Best in Class last year and Supreme Champion Beer of New Zealand in 2006.

Owner/Brewer Luke Nicholas says “I had spent many sleepless nights worrying about whether to make this beer or not, as it has such big aroma and flavour I doubted there would be a significant market”. With a huge grin on his face and trophy in hand, he says “I’m please I just went for it”

Nicholas was proven wrong when he released the beer in July with retailers snapping up what stock they could get.

“Within 48 hours I had allocated the whole batch, then had to make a quick decision to make another batch. The problem with that is there was a 4 week wait for batch two to be ready”

The second batch of Epic Armageddon IPA was released this week, and will be available for tasting on Friday & Saturday at Beervana, held at the Wellington Town Hall.

Also available at the Epic stand will be the two oak barrels that were fill with Armageddon, and put on the InterIslander for six weeks to simulate the original ocean voyage of the India Pale Ales from the 18th Century.

Epic Armageddon IPA is available in a select group of supermarkets and bottle shops throughout New Zealand, and a handful of locations in Australia.