Beer Haiku and International Brewers Day Tomorrow

Today’s haiku is about beer and food. It is called “That’s Good Eatin’“:

She brought me a beer
and a Maryland crab cake
the size of my face

Glass Tip – Beer Haiku Daily

Malthouse blog this week focuses on July 18 – International Brewers Day – as well as discussing beer writer Jay Brooks and legendary brewer Dick Fife in “Have you hugged a brewer today?”:

July 18 2008 – a day that will live forever in the opposite of infamy.

That date was the first International Brewers Day and was marked around the world by small groups of beer aficionados in various cerevisaphilic ways. International Brewers Day is the creation of legendary American beer writer Jay R Brooks – author of the Brookston Beer Bulletin – who was inspired by a “Have You Hugged a Brewmaster Today?” sticker on the brewery door at San Francisco’s 21st Amendment.

Queenstown’s Dux de Lux restaurant going on the market

Queenstown’s Dux de Lux restaurant and bar owners have written to creditors saying they cannot pay their bills and are hoping to sell.

Dux de Lux director and part-owner Ross Herrick said the Queenstown company had a downturn during the winter and the restaurant business had suffered.

The Queenstown business was separate from the Christchurch Dux de Lux, although he was manager of that business, he said.

Only the Queenstown restaurant was for sale, not the accompanying bar.

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