Guinness Pint Masters Crowned

The 2009 Guinness Pint Masters for New Zealand have been crowned. They are Dermot Murphy (middle left) and Finbar Clabby (middle right) from one of my favourite bars, D4 on Featherston Street.

These cheeky chaps won their regional final and then beat the four other regional winners in three heats including the perfect pint pour, Guinness Art and the Guinness Cocktail creation. As well as their lovely trophies (pictured – the harp things, not Jeremy Corbett), they have each won a trip to Dublin to visit the Guinness Brewery in its 250th year. Congratulations to Derm and Fin.

Hits and Misses in the World of Beer

This new feature will discuss some of the big and not-so-big issues in the beer scene and provide a positive spin (hit) and a negative interpretation (miss) for each. There is a vague intention that this will be a fortnightly column but the chances of that actually happening are about the same as Parekura Horomia taking up parkour. The links in the column will generally be worth a click too…

HIT: My guests round watching Wellington win the Ranfurly Shield from Auckland each bought Tuatara beers.
MISS: My guests round watching Wellington win the Ranfurly Shield from Auckland each drank Tuatara straight out of the bottle.

HIT: Going away drinks for Mac’s Head Brewer Colin Paige.
MISS: The fact that Mac’s Head Brewer Colin Paige is going away.

HIT: The Corona foosball ball table at Mac’s Bar 22 where one team is little bottles and the other team are little limes.
MISS: I don’t have one yet.

HIT: The Yeastie Boys Pot Kettle will be the next guest beer at D4 in Wellington. Pot Kettle was won the random draw which will be used to select future guest beers (within reason – no Leon Rouge for example.)
MISS: D4 owner Dermot can persuade leprechauns to start fights with Mike Tyson but even he is struggling to convince people that it really was a random draw.

HIT: Epic Pale Ale is now in 500ml bottles.
MISS: I don’t have one yet.