The Great Christchurch Beer Festival

8th November 11am – 11pm

Why not make this election day one to remember. After casting your vote (or perhaps before) why not come along to the The Twisted Hop, where we will be hosting Christchurch’s biggest and best beer festival this year. With over 20 tap beers on offer from around New Zeland you are sure to have a better day than either John Key or Helen Clark regard less of the outcome!

Admission is free we will have a BBQ and live music. To help you all taste as many beers are possible we will be offering a 1/4pint tasting as well as our usual measures. The list of beers is growing by the day but these are some of what we will have on offer.

Breweries participating include Epic, Tuatara, Galbraiths, Ranaissance, Pink Elephant, Mussel Inn, Croucher, Hallertau, Townsend, Wigram, Three Boys, Emersons, Green Man & Invercargill

Pub of the Year

According to the NZ Herald, the Dux de Lux in Christchurch has just walked off with the pub of the year award.

Well done! Great to see a winner who supports craft beer.

That said, if I had been judging, I’d have given the prize to the Twisted Hop, as real ale trumps keg beer every time. That and they support SOBA.


The above looks to be completely wrong.

I’m not sure what is going on at the Herald, but the original article seems to have vanished, and has been replaced by one declaring that Galbraiths is the Pub of the Year. That’s all well and good, but I’m not sure where the original article is!

Apologies patient readers.

Boo Sucks to the NZ Herald.


Stu points out this isn’t the first time that the Herald has let beer lovers down with useless reporting.

Some detail would be nice, NZ Herald people. I love Galbraiths to bits, but who chose it as the pub of the year? Who sponsors this contest? Does it run every year? Who judges it?