Must be Awards season…

Every year, the Capital Times asks readers to vote in their extensive “Best of Wellington” survey. Obviously, there are some rogue results (Blanket Man described as a character again) but the beer related placings were:

Best Beer Brand
1. Tuatara (3rd last year)
2. Monteiths (2nd)
3. Emerson’s (-)

Best Bar

1. Mighty Mighty (1st)
2. Matterhorn (2nd)
3. Goodluck (3rd)

Best Outdoor Bar

1. Southern Cross (1st)
2. St Johns (2nd)
3. Matterhorn (3rd)

Also out recently are the finalists for the HANZ Awards which make slightly depressing reading for beer fans:

Best Bar

Four Kings, Wellington
Frederic’s, New Plymouth
Sale Street, Freemans Bay, Auckland
Soul Bar and Bistro, Auckland

Best Sports Bar

Four Kings, Wellington
Grosvenor Hotel, Timaru
The Right Track Sports Cafe, Auckland
The Tote Pub & Super Liquor, Trentham, Upper Hutt

The “Beer Necessities” Controversy

The annual “Beer Necessities” survey run by Wellington’s Capital Times generated a great deal of controversy on the Real Beer Forums. Editor Aaron Watson, who was one of the panel of the judges, has responded strongly in his latest column:

Perhaps the comment that saddened me the most was the suggestion craft brewers boycott the event in the future.

That is a petulant remark that is short-sighted on two levels.
Firstly, how could it help beer and brewers to remove from the public eye one of the few independent surveys – not a competition – of the state of the beer nation? Answer: not at all.