BEERVANA – Festive Brews – Be There OR Miss Out

Beervana is offering beer drinkers of New Zealand, not only the best selection of beers ever brought together under one roof in New Zealand, but a hand full of beers never seen before, especially in one place.

This is truly BEERVANA.

Festive Brews on offer

– Mussel Inn – a particularly special version of the Capt Cooker
– Aotearoa Breweries – Fejoa style MATA
– Epic Armageddon IPA – Double IPA
– Bennett’s Winter Ale – 6.8 % Winter Ale
– Emerson’s Special Reserve – Piny Stout aged in Pinot Barrels 5% Stout
– Yeastie Boys ‘Pot Kettle Black’ – American Porter
– Greenman – Whisky Bock – Doppelbock is matured in American oak.
– Twisted Hop – double IPA ‘Skull Buggery’ 8% Limited to 2 firkins only

Also over 20 breweries and beer distributors under one roof. That is nearly 100 different beers available to sample. Plus meet the brewers of these beers.

Session 1 – Friday 5th September from 4pm till 9pm
Session 2 – Saturday 6th September from 10am till 2pm
Session 3 – Saturday 6th September from 4pm till 9pm

$25 single session
$50 all sessions

Get a branded Beervana glass, with a sample line. Taste either 145ml samples or a full taste of 290ml

$125 – all drinks and eats are free. In addition to all the 100 beers on offer you also have access to a massive selection of over 200 beers from the entries of the BrewNZ International Beer Awards. That is up to 300 different beers you can try.

Overseas Terminal
New Zealand

Friday – 5th September 2008
Saturday – 6th September 2008
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Love Beer? Seek Beervana!

BrewNZ Announces World Class Festival Plans

The Brewers Guild of New Zealand today announced major changes to the official festival for the brewing industry, BrewNZ, to be held in Wellington from 2-6 September 2008.

Entering its 7th year, BrewNZ is set to become a world class beer event kicking off with the judging of over 200 beers from NZ and around the world and culminating with 2 days of tasting the best beer brewers have to offer under one roof at the Overseas Terminal.

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Beerly Writing: Salient

This is the 600th post on the Real Beer blog and it contains two more beer columns from Salient.

The first is a report on the Brew NZ Beer Awards 2007:

The lovely city of Wellington recently hosted what is possibly the world’s most important awards ceremony. It had more artistic merit than the MTV Awards because Britney Spears did not attend, far less “perform”, and while there was all the pomp and ceremony of the Oscars, this event was thankfully a full 11 hours shorter. For many in attendance, the evening’s urbane Master of Ceremonies reminded them of a young Ryan Seacrest – if Ryan Seacrest had any talent.

The second is on American Beers:

The flavour is almost invisible, though as the beer warms up the taste becomes slightly chemical. There is so much rice in Bud that it is hard to know if you have bought a six pack or sushi box. Sure, if you can put a man on the moon I guess it is relatively simple to take all the flavour out of beer, but I’d question the point.

BrewNZ Judges find good taste

Media Release
September 14, 2007
Source: BrewNZ

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to world-class beers. BrewNZ’s international beer judging panel has just found 16 locally available beers worthy of gold.

The 13 strong judging panel spent three days taste testing 184 beers to find 81 of our best medal winning beers, which were announced at the 2007 BrewNZ awards in Wellington on Wednesday 12th September.

Last year, just six of the 170 beers presented were judged to be of world class gold medal standard.

Chief steward Stu McKinlay, who has been involved in the BrewNZ awards for the past three years, said the quality of the beers was improving from year to year as brewers strived for the ultimate prize.

This year entries came from across New Zealand as well as the USA and Australia where word about the quality of the Kiwi craft beer industry was quickly spreading, Mr McKinlay said.

“These results will show that our smaller breweries are coming up to the bench mark that a couple of the more well-known craft breweries have set over the last couple of years.”

“It’s a nice spread for the best in class that we’ve not seen over the past few years, both in terms of breweries and the size and type of brewery,” Mr McKinlay said.

It’s not a matter of first, second and third. Beers win medals based on their individual merits and are judged against each other only when it comes to ‘best in class’. In some classes the best medal is silver or bronze, while in others there are several golds.

A gold medal is defined as a world-class beer that exemplifies its style, displaying the proper balance of taste, aroma and appearance. A silver medal is an excellent beer and a bronze denotes a fine example.

Beers are judged blind and to qualify for the ‘best in class’ trophy must be commercially available in New Zealand.

Full results are available at


For further information:

David Cryer
0800 625 833

Brewer’s Guild says the entries for this year’s Brew NZ Awards were world class.

Thirteen judges spent three days tasting the 180 beers entered; 18 gold medal winners were announced this week.

Competition entries came from across New Zealand, as well as the United States and Australia.

Vice President and judge, Luke Nicholas, says the quality of entries improves from year to year.

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BrewNZ Beer Entries Close 15th July

Dear Brewer

Just a quick reminder that there is only this week till entries close for the BrewNZ Beer Awards.

We have had fantastic support from the sponsors all very willing and excited to be involved with BrewNZ.

Our main sponsor is O-I, (glass bottle producers – see )

Class Sponsors
– Hoshi Lancer
– Gladfields Malting
– NZ Hop Board
– Cryer Malt
– Hort Research
– Orica Chemnet
– Zymus
– Pall NZ
– Endeavour Glass

The excitement has come from the formation of the Brewers Guild of New Zealand and the brewers taking ownership and running of our main industry event.

Now we are looking for your support to show our sponsors that we are as committed to BrewNZ and the Brewers Guild, as they are. We all want
to see this as a start of something great.

You should have received your entry pack via the post by now. If you have misplaced or haven’t received the forms please download them from the website.

Also make sure you fill out the form for the awards party at the same time.

Deadline for beer entries and party tickets is this coming Sunday 15th July.

Note: there will be an AGM held for the Brewers Guild in Wellington so
that you can give your input, stand for the executive committee, and
raise any issues you think the Brewers Guild should be handling. More details on this to follow later in the week.

Luke Nicholas
Brewers Guild of New Zealand