San Francisco + Santa Rosa = GOOD BEER TIMES

I like visiting San Francisco. Firstly it is a chance for me to catch up with my brother who lives there. Secondly it is such a great beer city. So many different places with so much great craft beer. The “dive bar” is the winner in this town. Here are a few pics from my recent visit there.

Shout out to Dave Keene. So cool to bump into you man, and really appreciate the special beers you shared with us that night. Hope to see you on my next visit.

Natalie, thanks to you and Vinnie for sparing the time to show us around the production brewery and the taste of the beers. But especially the generosity and hospitality you guys showed us at the brewpub. You totally impressed us and made the night so special. Thank you so much for holding us a table on such a busy night. Everyone was so thankful the next day, as they had the best time ever.