Bottles vs cans

The news for longnecks gets even worse once you put them out for recycling. We recycle about 55% of our glass containers in New Zealand, some 200,000 tonnes a year. That’s more than double what can be processed in Auckland, at O-I New Zealand’s two smelters in Penrose. A third smelter is on the cards, but at a cost of $50 to $60 million it has already faced years of delays.

Our recommendations: drink less … or more, with a refillable swappa crate or two-litre plastic rigger (hey, it worked for jumpsuits). Brew your own. Go to the pub for a pint. Drink Kiwi beer from a can. When in Auckland, drink Kiwi beer from the bottle. If none of that appeals, at least make sure you drink local. Really local. There are microbreweries all over New Zealand; find the one nearest you and show them some low-beer-miles love.

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Brewers want better bottle

Nelson breweries want a bottle washing plant in the region and a standardised bottle to be produced in New Zealand.

Mr Duncan said Founders produced about 200 bottles a day, and 30 percent of them were returned to the brewery. Each bottle had a 5c refund.

He said hand-washing the bottles was too time-consuming.

Bays Brewery owner Peter McGrath did not back his fellow Nelson brewers. He questioned the quality of reused bottles, saying, “You don’t know if there’s been paint thinner in them”.

Mr McGrath said plastic rigger bottles were the “ultimate recycling vessel”. Some of his customers had reused their riggers 100 times.

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