The Wellington Food Show – A Beer Perspective

In a plan so cunning that Rowan Atkinson is considering suing me, I went to the Wellington Food Show at 3:45pm on Friday. The intention was to avoid the crowds, particularly that sub-set of crowds who think a packed food show is the perfect place to take a double baby buggy.

The plan worked to perfection with minimal waiting at most stalls. The number of stands displaying tea was way down, the number offering spreads was way up. So how did beer fare?

Here is the tally:

There were 36 wine stands offering (conservatively) 5 wines each so at least 180 wines were available. I saw one person who looked like he had tried to sample them all.

There were 4 spirit and liquer stands offering (approximately) 15 different spirits and liquers to the punters.

Finally, there were 2 beer stands offering (exactly) 9 different beers.

The only places flying the flag for beer were Monteiths and New World (which had the three Bavaria beers).

Am I the only one which finds this just a little bit sad?