Craft Beer Is Booming In New Zealand 2015

ANZ Craft BeerThe ANZ Bank has come out with the most detailed report on the New Zealand Craft Beer industry ever. (if you want to check it out go HERE to download the .pdf file ). Craft Beer is booming in New Zealand in 2015

Here are the highlights from the report.

  • NZ Craft Beer 13% of total beer sales. (up from 9% in 2013)
  • Off premise craft beer sales up 42%
  • Total beer volume down 12% since 2008
  • 80% of craft brewers were in business to follow their passion, compared to 25% of those in other industries
  • NZ Craft Beer exports to Asia have more than doubled in the past two years.
  • China represented over 50% of NZ Craft Beer exports to Asia in 2014
  • Number of breweries has grown to 111 today from 37 in 2009 (per capita that is the same as the US having 7900 breweries)




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