Beer Search Terms

It was a year ago today that I started the current version of this blog. Here are some of the interesting search terms from 2014, that people entered and arrived at

(In no particular order, just because they are fun).

Happy Beer Drinkers - Auckland Beer FestivalSearch Terms:

“nz who drinks the most beer”

“what do beer drinkers want in a premium beer”

“reasons why do people buy beer”

“logical reason to buy beer”

“does db breweries still exist in nz”

“where to get alcohol in auckland after midnight”

“the beer that cost 2million what that the name?”

“what reason boys drink chilled beer”

“do you pay for drinks at beer fest”

These could all make very interesting topics to write about, especially the DB one.

It would be interesting to see what answers people would come up with if these were presented as interview questions.

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