100 Posts & Looking Back, Wayback

Luke Nicholas - Brewer 1999When I started this blog on the 1st January I didn’t have much of a plan other than to share my journey through the world of beer. It has been pretty cool to be able to record and share my adventures, as well as my opinions on what I am thinking about and what is topical.

I have also been playing around recently with a new version of RealBeer.co.nz. The effort is patchy and not sure of when there will be anything to show publicly. The one thing about this side project is that I have come across a lot of old posts, and has made me look back and reflect on my first websites.

I created a website called “The New Zealand Brewers Network” back in 1996 after returning from living in California. It was a cute little website, and I am raking my brain on where I might have a backup of it, so I might up load it again. (a version from 1998)

I’m also considering uploading copies of the print version of Sparging and newsletter I use to produce for the brewing industry in the late 1990’s. It became a digital version around in 1999 – here is a link to the archives of Sparging Online

It’s amazing to think that this first website I created for craft brewers in New Zealand was 18 years ago. Maybe I will find it in time for its 20th anniversary.


(Here is an example of a copy of the print version of Sparging January 1999 )

UPDATE: haha this is cute too My goal for Sparging is ……. “to raise the actual and perceived quality of beer in New Zealand” 

4 thoughts on “100 Posts & Looking Back, Wayback”

  1. Thanks Luke! Loving being able to read Geoff’s old Capital Times columns from well before I met him, and in the early cases, before I was aware there was life beyond Lion Red! Another reason Geoff Griggs gets my vote in your poll. Bringing it from day one. 🙂

    1. I would like to nominate Geoff Griggs for lifetime achievement award for services to the NZ Craft Brewing industry. The industry should recognise all the work he has done, since 1996. He was like our Indiana Jones , hacking his way through the undergrowth that was mainstream industrial mega swill that this country was awash with. He had the vision of what craft beer could be.

  2. missed this post…. luke make it happen make online. people like back brewing dont post on realbeer why?

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