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As we arrive to half way through 2014, I thought it would be curious to see which have been the most popular posts on Luke’s Beer. Since starting this blog nearly six months ago, on 1st January, I have covered a lot of topics. I’m just shy of 100 posts, with this one being post 96.

So here are the top 10 posts. Do you have any favourites? Is there something you think I should consider writing about?

Is The Price Of Beer Right?1,697
New Zealand Beer Festival – Auckland 2014 – Review1,524
PROHIBITION – New Zealand 2020 (it only took 100 years)1,378
Craft Beer Bubble In New Zealand?1,011
Confessions Of A World Beer Cup Judge780
Moa Shareholders Will Be Sad 🙁713
NZ Beer Writer of the Year Award – Final call for entries650
Don’t Define Craft Beer – Define Industrial Beer (pretty good for yesterdays posts)642
NEW ZEALAND HOPS – Harvest 2014588
Beer Money
Is the price of beer right?

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  1. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the state of wild/sour/barrel aged beer in NZ. That’s where all the innovation seems to be happening in the US right now (like IPAs were 5-10 years ago), but such styles seemed largely absent from the NZ scene when I was back over Christmas.

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