FRESH HOP – Epic Fresh Hop 14 Ale

Tomorrow is the big launch day for the Auckland Brewers Fresh Hop Beers. #freshhop14

I will be at The Lumsden Freehouse from 5pm Thursday 24th April for the launch of the Epic Fresh Hop 14 Ale. The Lumsden Freehouse will also have on a keg of each of the 12 different Fresh Hop beers. This will be a good place to start your adventure into Fresh Hopped beers.

Each brewery made a different sized batch so they will all last varying amounts of time. Unfortunately Epic only made 8 kegs so I don’t imagine it lasting long. All the beers used Waimea hops, so they should all have a similar hop character. That will be interesting as there are many different styles of beer, but the same hop variety.

Here is a fun video, which has footage from the brew day. Not sure if I could have said the word “hops” any more times.

Below is a list of the bars and the breweries beers they will have on. Best you get out and try them all as quickly as you can as they are best fresh, and won’t last long.


Andrew Andrew Epic Beer
The Block Café Ben Middlemiss Brewing
Brew On Quay Epic Beer
Brothers Brewery Brothers Brewery
Conch Kitchen & Bar Hallertau Brewery/ Liberty Brewing Company Collab
The Crown The Little Empire Brewery
Deep Creek Brewing Co. Deep Creek Brewing Co.
Coast- Bites and Brews Deep Creek Brewing Co.
Didas Wine & Tapas Lounge Galbraith’s Alehouse
Freida Margolis 8 Wired Brewing
Galbraith’s Alehouse Galbraith’s Alehouse
The Golden Dawn Hallertau Brewery/ Liberty Brewing Company Collab
Hallertau Brewery Hallertau Brewery/ Liberty Brewing Company Collab
The Lumsden Freehouse Epic Beer
Malt Bar Hallertau Brewery/ Liberty Brewing Company Collab
No.1 Queen St Café & Bar Laughing Bones Brewing
No.1 Queen St Café & Bar Ben Middlemiss Brewing
Parnell Bar & Grill Epic Beer
The Shakespeare Hotel and Brewery Shakespeare Brewery/ Bach Brewing Collab
Sky Sport Grill Ben Middlemiss Brewing
Sky Sport Grill Laughing Bones Brewing
Szimpla Gastro Bar Ben Middlemiss Brewing
Tahi Bar 8 Wired Brewing
Three Lamps Bar & Eatery Shakespeare Brewery/ Bach Brewing Collab
Three Lamps Bar & Eatery 8 Wired Brewing
Vultures’ Lane Craft Bar Behemoth Brewing Company
Vultures’ Lane Craft Bar Laughing Bones Brewing
Wild on Waiheke Waiheke Brewery
You can also fill your own at the following.
Fill Your Own Growler Stations (Variety of Brews from above)
Liquorland Newmarket
Liquorland Howick
Glengarry Victoria Park
Glengarry Jervois Rd
Glengarry Grey Lynn
Glengarry Kingsland

Home Grown Hops


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