BEER FEST – Great Kiwi Beer Festival 2014 – Review

I never got to writing anything about the Great Kiwi Beer Festival in Christchurch, before I headed to the US.

Geoff Griggs pretty much summed it up with “On the downside – and there really wasn’t much to complain about”

Fritz & Maria wrote – Destination Woolston

The event was well attended, the rumoured number going around the event was that there were 14,000 people there. 12,500 pre-sold tickets with walk up sales available.

Compared to Auckland it was a lovely, relaxed day, with people enjoying themselves without the overt presence of security and police. When looking for security in the crowd you couldn’t see them, I was able to spot three at one point. I noticed a couple of police walking through the crowd mid afternoon. At the end of the event there were approx. 20 police walking from the back of the event following the crowd out the gate.

Yes there were a handful of dickheads who always have the smartass comments, and asking for free beer. But I’ve now concluded that these people are just like that anyway, with or without alcohol inside them.

One thing which was a concern was the glass size. We were selling 100ml sample and 285ml full serve. When you measured it the sample line was 100ml and the full serve was 200ml, with to the brim being 250ml. Oops.

Our Epic beers sold extremely well. Again surprised that the Lager sold out first (guess this sleeper of a beer if finally being discovered for the great beer that it is). For those that knew of Stone Brewing Co. they were overwhelmed, they didn’t know where to start, like kids in a candy store. Arrogant Bastard was the first to sell out, partly because of the name.

We had a great crew, and everything seemed to run super smooth considering the scale of our stand this year. 16 taps, 16 staff and 1500 litres of beer.

But the point made from this event was that the local police and liquor licensing didn’t go over the top with enforcement and it made for such an enjoyable event.

What the hell happened Auckland?

Christchurch you win.



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