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If you are attending the launch of Epic Carolina at Brew on Quay this Friday, and are brave enough to enter the hot wings eating competition, then this is the outfit you will be required to wear for safety reasons (plus gloves, not shown).

5pm – Beer Launch
6pm – Hot Wings Competition
7pm – Putting out the fire with gasoline

Carolina Reaper chillies are 400 times hotter than Jalapeños



A great follow up to Get Radler Back by Jono Galuszka, this time with guest writer and IP Lawyer Paul Johns – Radler recycled?

I haven’t followed up very well with the IP lawyers that contacted my after my post
Craft Beer Trademark Wars in New Zealand just haven’t had the time (sorry). I was lucky enough to have the Epic IP lawyer Emma McBride from AJ Park write Introduction to trade marks for craft brewers in New Zealand, hopefully it is a good starting point for those new to trademarks.

There have been a couple of offers to do presentations to groups of brewers if interested. Email me if you are interested in attending a presentation of trademarks for craft brewers.


Sweet post Dylan – Craft Beer On The Street. Loving the creativity and photography of this blog post. I love seeing craft beer as litter on the streets, and also am curious to see what beers the neighbours drink as I walk past their recycle bins.

It’s awesome when people find a fresh way of looking at craft beer.


An update of articles that have frustrated me recently due to quality of reporting.

Competition puts a cap on beer prices by Hamish McNicol
I would really love it if some one could read this article and tell me what the purpose of it is.

– with one analyst suggesting New Zealand has a “beer glut”.  Why not name the analyst?
– price static
– the only thing that stands out that is of “within the beer category there was a “story within a story”, as premium and craft beer segments continued to grow.”
– over all it says prices are a little lower and there isn’t much growth. Therefore no story here?

Landscape gets rival in craft brews by Che Baker

It said there were 1500 people, this pic seems to show a few less than that number. (original photo from a punter who said it was more like 500 people)
Interview with Irish dude who says “the beers taste different to Guinness”
Finland dude says “more fruity and a bit lighter”
The coolest thing from the event must be this photo of a lot of the brewers that attended the event. Very jealous I couldn’t join them.

Website should be updated in the morning http://www.carolinareaper.co.nz
Also win Culley’s Prize Packs

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