[NEW BEER] – Epic Carolina – Putting Out The Fire With Gasoline

Epic has a new beer which we are launching this Friday, 5pm, 14th February at Brew on Quay.

The beer was designed to complement the launch of the new limited release hot sauce from Culley’s called Carolina Reaper.

This is the hottest sauce that Culley’s has made to date. The Carolina Reaper, which is now the hottest chile in the world at over 2 million scoville units.

On Friday you will be able to taste the new beer, taste this hot sauce as well as the range of Culley’s hot sauces. Then at 6pm for the brave few, there will be a hot wing eating competition. There will be prizes, tears, pain, and a lot of laughs.

You can RSVP to the event on Facebook.

So a bit about the beer.

The beer is an Amber Ale, 7.2% abv, the bitterness tastes like it is noticeably higher than the 58 IBU’s it was targeted. There are no chillies in the beer. The hops are Chinook and Centennial. It is dry hopped at a rate between Armageddon and Hop Zombie. This beer is only going to be available on tap (so no bottles) and for a limited time.

The aroma has a big punchy citrus and piney character, flavour is hop driven, with some crystal/caramel malt characters in the background before you get a noticeable slam of forceful hop bitterness. A big beer for a big hot sauce.

When I was coming up with the recipe for the beer to match with a hot sauce all I could think about was the David Bowie song “Putting out the fire with gasoline”.

Why?? Did you know when you drink an alcohol based beverage after eating hot food or chillies, the alcohol actually helps to evenly disperse the capsaicin oils around your mouth therefore making the burn hotter? Hence “Putting out the fire with gasoline”

So now to the Poll

Which version of the David Bowie song “Putting out the fire” do you prefer?

Original – play song   OR  Let’s Dance – play song

Hope I have remembered everything about the beer, and the event. If not there will surely be an update tomorrow.

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