January 2014 in Craft Beer Was….

Last day of the month is a great chance to look back and reflect on what I have posted over the last 30 odd days. And also ask what am I going to do about it.

There was much discussion about quality of all the new brews, breweries and brands hitting the market. Also the level of education of bar staff and the quality of beer systems.

  1. Quality = Tasting Tuesday – I have decided to visit a different local craft beer bar and taste all their beers on tap, preferably with the staff, and then report back on the bar and the beers.

  2. Media = They are too busy to check facts, so I am therefore going to get in contact with journalists that misreport facts. Plus I encourage breweries to see how much they can extend the truth to promote their businesses. It’s gotta be a win win right.

  3. Capital vs Capital = who cares if it is Nelson or Wellington as long as they are still promoting craft beer, everyone wins.

  4. Liquor Buyers = buying based on what THEY like? – more education from brewers is needed. Try harder everyone to educate your local beer outlet to stock everything they can.


p>The posts from the brewing days didn’t seem to be that popular, then again they were pretty weak. I found at the end of a long day brewing it was a challenge to spend time on a good post. I will try harder next month.

In one month of blog posts I have had over 11,000 page views and over 4000 unique visitors to the site, which is pretty impressive for a blog that didn’t exist a month ago. Thanks to everyone that has clicked thru and read the posts, appreciate the support, especially to those that have shared the links.

I look forward to February and discussing several new topics, as well as visiting a number of craft beer bars, and reporting back on the quality of the beers.

If you have any ideas on what you want me to cover, discuss or comment on please let me know.


Tonight I tried the Watt Dickie beer (Eisbock) from Brew Dog. It is a 60ml bottle, 35% abv and cost $24 at Brew on Quay. An interesting one off experience. Not as nice as Tactical Nuclear Penguin.

It was boozy (as you would guess at 35%), had a strong yeast marmite/vegemite character, strong maltiness that lead into a big black strap liquorice flavour. Interesting, was worth a try, but won’t be having any more.

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