A better nights sleep with a Hop Pillow

these hops are a little wind damaged, but smell great

I haven’t been sleeping well this week, and my hops are now becoming riper and more aromatic. Therefore I am making a little hop pillow to assist in a good nights sleep.

Its really easy to do. Pick half a dozen or so hops from the vine. Put them in a tissue. Fold the corners over and then put this little pillow of hops in the far corner of your pillow case.

The fresh aromas will fill your nose, and you will drift into an amazing deep sleep.

The hop pillow should last about a week, but as each day goes on it will be less intense, but by then your sleeping patterns should be back to normal.

(note: when you wash your pillow case, remember to take out this little pillow of hops or the petals will get every where in the wash) –

The English have also known about hops’ therapeutic benefits for some time. The ABC says one of the most prominent people treated with hops was King George III. He is believed to have slept on pillows filled with hops to help calm him down.
Studies have found that hops is sedating (calming and sleep promoting), often with no unwanted side effects. Compounds in hops have various properties, including relieving aches and pains, and killing bacteria. Hops is used to help treat various health problems, such as sleeplessness and nervous problems. (Link to original article)

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