Craft Beer Around Auckland Today

So I was just minding my own business this afternoon and happened to be in Liquor King Ponsonby and who do I see….

Yup, Richard Emerson  (The Emerson Brewing Company).

Nice to catch up with Richard, had a little chat, sounds like things are going amazing for him. Lion seems to really be helping with the growth and distribution of the brand. Meaning more people get to be able to drink it in more places.

He said he has had people complaining about the change in the Pilsener, because it has gotten better. Awesome.

So while having a meeting at Brew on Quay about the launch of a new beer there for Epic on the 14th February (details will follow…). Who do we see walking by…

Yes that is Gareth Hughes, General Manager of Moa Brewing.

Funny to see people from the two largest craft breweries in New Zealand in the space of a few hours this afternoon. Especially since they are both South Island breweries.

Guess it is exciting times for Auckland beer drinkers.

What I ended up doing this afternoon was an interview on 95bFM with Max Oldfield, on a segment sponsored by CraftBeerOnline.

A 10 minute chat about Epic and the beers. Hopefully those that heard it found it interesting and useful.

(If so let Max know and he will have me back. We already talked about me coming back and maybe being a little more extreme in what I was saying about craft beer. I said I was able to do that.)

The evening was beautiful as the sun was going down on the city. (Albert Park, next to Auckland University)

And the beer tasted good….

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