Can we tell the media anything? and get away with it?

I know a bit about the beer/brewing industry in New Zealand. Some of the facts I see reported makes me have to question not only the reporting on my industry but absolutely everything else I read in the media. It would seem that today journalists write articles from press releases, and take what they hear from people they interview as factually correct, with absolutely no background research on the topic.

Kind of makes me want to put a challenge out to everyone that can get quoted in the media to see who can exaggerate the truth the most, and see if you can get it printed.

The unsuspecting public read this information and take it as the truth.

So far this week:

Beer festival pulls in brewers by Grant Bryant  – The Southland Times

“….Leigh Hart , who runs the Wakachangi brewery.”

Where is the Wakachangi brewery?
What does Leigh actually do in “running” the brewery?
(my understanding is his label is contract brewed at Harringtons)

Small brewery making big impact by Caitlin Sykes – NZ Herald

the biggest beer competition in the world….. the Australian International Beer Awards…”

In 2013, the Australian International Beer Awards attracted a record 1,480 entries.
In 2012, the World Beer Cup had 3921 entries
In 2013  the Great American Beer Festival had 4,809 beers entered in the competition.

So AIBA is NOT the biggest beer competition in the world.

Small Business: Craft brewers – Craig Bowen, BeerNZ by Caitlin Sykes – NZ Herald

“…but the craft category, which makes up around 5% of that total number, is growing about 20% a year.”

These figures are supported by what?
Is the 20% p.a. growth the figure BeerNZ is experiencing?
Is the information from scan data from supermarkets?
Or is it a figure that has been plucked from the air?

Bringing me back to this golden oldie:
Welcome to the craft beer capital by Joseph Romanos – The Wellingtonian

“…but estimated that Wellingtonians drank up to 40 per cent of the craft beer produced in New Zealand…”

Did Sean just make this up?
or is there some supporting data for this massive figure?

Do you believe everything you read?

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