Some People Are So Passionate About Craft Beer

We now live in an age where beer isn’t just ordered by saying “give me a beer” and it is more than just a green bottle lager, where the main feature is that it’s cold. Even though the majority of people don’t realise it yet, there is amazing diversity in beer flavours, styles and brands available at more and more places.

For those that know, which is probably everyone that reads this, the following couple of videos kind of some up the passion and intensity that is a craft beer lover today.

This one from Australia is very cool and well produced too, and oh so familiar with some of the sayings. I’d have to admit to saying some of these or at least something along the lines of what is being said.

Some of the funnier ones:
“this was given to me, by the brewer, at the brewery”
“beer can be just as complex if not more than wine you know”
“is this contract brewed? I can smell the contract”
“really limited release, you can’t have one though, they only brewed a pint”
“pale ale? no, no, its a white stout”
“this brewery has really gone down hill since they added the extra capacity”

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