Small Batch Brewing & New Hops

Today I brewed a small batch of beer on the ePICO Brewery. It is a beer I dreamed up over the holiday break. It is kind of an Old Ale, not really using any pale malts. Trying to emulate what old world beers might have been like when they had no temperature control and the malt would have been dark and smokey in character.

Part 1 of the beer was just first runnings, and was 1.076. Part 2 was a small beer, which did end up getting violated by a huge amount of Centennial. Both will be fun to taste in a few weeks.

Nice to brew on ePICO in 2014. (Today’s playlist thanks to Spotify)

[VIDEO] Slo-Mo of mixing the mash

Beer friends from Delaware drinking First Batch

While brewing I got a message from some friends in Delaware who had found a bottle of Epic First Batch at their local Pizza place. They shared a photo and wished me Happy New Year.

It is always a treat to receive feedback from people that find my beer somewhere in the world. Especially places I have been and know how hard it is to get to.

Delaware is not really on the way to anywhere, especially if you are travelling from New Zealand. Then again it doesn’t really matter where a place is, if you are going to meet up with friends and enjoy a beer together.

Hops Grown by Luke
2014 Season Hops

After a long day brewing and drinking the latest batch of Epic Pale Ale, it was nice to be living in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s summer and we’ve just reached the closest point to the sun “Perihelion 2014” (that means good beer drinking weather). Unfortunate for some parts of the US and Canada it’s actually colder than it is on Mars currently. That is cold.

So I’m at home and BBQ some dinner. Tonight for some reason my hops caught my eye, not sure if it was the light from the setting sun, but they had seriously fattened up and were looking good. I guess it’s the geographic location, as my hops always seem to ripen several weeks before harvest starts in Nelson.

Four Beer Glasses – Including the IPA glasses

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