1000 Distinct Beers on Untappd

Untappd is a beer drinking app for your smartphone, you can also use it on a browser

This app lets you track the different beers you try.

You check into a beer, you can rate it (out of 5), add your location, take a photo, make a note 140 characters, and then share this information with your other social networks – Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

One cool feature of this app is you earn badges for checking into beers. Yup thats gamification for just trying new beers, no point in just drinking the same green bottled lager everyday. (here are the badges you can earn)

The weekend saw me have an opportunity to try a number of new beers I have never had a chance to try before. I earned the 1000 distinct beers badge (this has taken me just over 3 years) Cheers to the Beer Mule for suppling so many great beers for this tasting and over the previous few years.
If you enjoy craft beer, you probably try anything new you can get your hands on, just like me. If so this is a perfect app to keep track of your beer tasting journey.

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