Passionate Discussion About Breweries in Wellington & Auckland

If you are really passionate and obsessed about “craft” beer and want to read everything you can get your hands on check out the latest discussions.

There are some points of view from a couple of passionate people, which include posts and comments mostly in support (hey where have the trolls gone?). Plus the arguments seem pretty valid, but it seems like preaching to the converted, and not sure if it will change much or anything. But I love thoughtful discussion about the details of craft beer.

Phil Cook’s – Get your hand off it, Wellington
Phil discusses an ad/article from Positively Wellington which seems to stretch the truth a bit regarding the number of breweries in Wellington. Phil discusses how there might be 10 breweries in Wellington, the definition of a brewery, location, ownership and brands.

It is a fun post, but I would have to say I don’t agree with Phil at the end. I say anything that brings attention to beer, craft beer and brewing, even if it is slightly factually incorrect is going to help to get the message to the unconverted. The challenge that craft beer has is to get into the mainstream and become a viable purchase option for all beer drinkers, especially those that aren’t already drinking craft beer, or haven’t even yet tried it.

This message is different from the “crafty” message which the large multinational brewers are putting out there.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Phil’s writings, and he totally deserved the “Beer Writer of the Year” award. It’s awesome that there are people out there that are so thoughtful in their writing, on a subject I am passionate about. It is great to see other points of view other than my own.

Then +Hugh Crozier  from Hopscotch makes a FB post “An interesting exercise:
Today all I will say is have a read, it is very intense and passionate, with plenty of discussion and I am still digesting it myself, before I will have an opinion. Initial thoughts are there are many points and tangents for the discussion to be taken. But once again it is a positive discussion and an interesting read.

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