New Blog about My Life of Beer

Hello World

I have created this new blog as a place to note down and share my thoughts about beer in New Zealand and sometimes the rest of the world. Document to some degree my journey and experiences in relation to beer and brewing.

It seems that around 2010, when Blogger made some changes, plus the craft beer scene exploded, myself and a handful of other regular bloggers stop blogging. It was a change in the market place, everyone involved was growing up a bit.

For me it has been a time when Epic Brewing Company, had grown at a very fast pace, and my time and energy have been put into managing this incredible growth. A large part of which has come from export.

So I am hoping to make some time in ’14 to be able to get back to sharing my thoughts about beer in New Zealand.

If you have an opinion on what I say, then I invite you to make a comment.


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