Brews and barbecues series by NZ Herald

Maybe its because I don’t get the printed version of the NZ Herald, but I am not sure how this series, which I am assuming is running over the holidays, is being pitched.

“Experts share their favourite holiday tipples around the barbie”
Is it about the “experts” being brewers? “experts about BBQing? Not sure, but it is positive in the way that it is giving some profile to craft brewers, even if the message isn’t totally clear. It is coming under the Food & Wine section of Life & Style on the NZ Herald website

Also what isn’t clear is who is actually writing these pieces, or was it just an email interview with questions answered by the brewer.

Oh well, hopefully it makes people on holiday think about trying something more than a green bottled lager that was on special for $19.99 a doz.

1 Jan
 Brews and barbecues: Martin Townshend
“Martin Townshend claims his English heritage means he’s not a natural barbecuer, but he tries his best.”

31 Dec 
Brews and barbecues: Boerewors and a beer – summer perfection

Dubbed one of the aristocrats of the craft breweries’ scene by drinks columnist Don Kavanagh”

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