The Top Ten Beers of 2009 – According to Neil Miller

In what is quickly becoming an annual tradition, I have compiled a list of my top ten New Zealand beers of the year. It appeared first in the Wellingtonian newspaper and is titled “Top Ten Beers of 2009“:

December is the time that columnists reflect on the preceding year and make the traditional spurious “best of” lists. This column is no exception. Here then are my ten best beers of 2009 with last year’s rankings shown in brackets. The list clearly reflects my taste for big hoppy beers but, while they may be hard to find, every beer is well worth trying.

Hoppy New Year!

One thought on “The Top Ten Beers of 2009 – According to Neil Miller”

  1. I've been bowled over by a few brews this year. Firstly, and coming in first, has to be Armageddon's ability to numb my whole face. Top effort. Following closely is Emerson's Weizenbock, which is about as harmonious a darker beer as I've tried in NZ.
    Hallertau's Porter Noir features highly for it's interest value, a smouldering that could be enjoyed far more generously than the Green Man's Whisky Bock, which was, well, a bit terrifying. Better whisky may rectify the finish that lingers, unwanted.
    Well, to that top trio, and one ogre, I could add a fourth discovery, Italy's Menabrea. Classy Italian leanness, but a bit more body so as to avoid that clenched taste.
    And in fifth, or actually dismal last, comes Moa's attept at a cider. Pears AND apples AND ageing in used chardonnay barrels sounds heavenly, but it was actually the worst fizzy thing I put in my mouth all year- there were a couple of wines that were worse, but that was down to the corks.
    Here's to further adventures in amber liquid in 2010, and more wine with crown closures.

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