Guinness Pint Masters Crowned

The 2009 Guinness Pint Masters for New Zealand have been crowned. They are Dermot Murphy (middle left) and Finbar Clabby (middle right) from one of my favourite bars, D4 on Featherston Street.

These cheeky chaps won their regional final and then beat the four other regional winners in three heats including the perfect pint pour, Guinness Art and the Guinness Cocktail creation. As well as their lovely trophies (pictured – the harp things, not Jeremy Corbett), they have each won a trip to Dublin to visit the Guinness Brewery in its 250th year. Congratulations to Derm and Fin.

4 thoughts on “Guinness Pint Masters Crowned”

  1. Good beer? What are you talking about my friend! Guinness is the finest drink on the planet. All that good creaminess with bittery undertones…and less calories than a standard beer. I can absolutely see why Real Beer gave this story space…it takes skill to pour the perfect pint you know…no matter how far away from St James Gate we are!

  2. The two-part pour is a marketing gimmick created by Diageo in the early 1960s when they abandoned cask serve in favour of nitro keg — to make the punters think they were still getting the same product. If pouring were an actual skill involving more than turning on and off a switch, there wouldn't be widget-can Guinness, nor the new one-shot ball-lock pour method they have in busy venues.

    The method of pour makes no difference to how the beer tastes — a moment's rational thought will tell you that.

    And my vote for “the finest drink on the planet” isn't one made from hop extract, roast barley syrup and food-grade lactic acid, then assembled in a facility more resembling a pharmaceutical plant than a brewery, before being served cold, infused with taste-killing nitrogen.

    We make much better stouts here in Ireland — O'Hara's springs immediately to mind — and most other countries have stouts far better than Guinness too.

    How many other stouts have you had, Frewster?

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