Beer Haiku Friday and Mayhem Achieved, Boredom Relieved

From Beer Haiku Daily, a wonderful poem about a wonderful beer. It is called “Duvel“:

Billowy white cloud
Looms over splendid sunshine
The Devil smiles

From the Malthouse Blog, this week’s post covers dictionaries, imps, hops, mayhem, more hops, brewing philosophies, an inability to do subtle, more hops again, Saint Andrews Day and… free whisky? It is all in “Mayhem Achieved, Boredom Relieved“:

In a revelation that ranks right up there with ‘sun rises in the morning’ and ‘Jacob Oram is injured’, Luke Nicholas confesses “I love flavours, especially hops. Subtlety isn’t something I am good at. I like to turn up the flavours.” Various entrepreneurs should consider manufacturing a range of “subtlety isn’t something I am good at” t-shirts. I would certainly buy one.

Glass Tips – Those excellent dudes at Beer Haiku Daily and the fine fellows at Malthouse dot com

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